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Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Foreign Nationals who wish to study at a university or college, or take any course of academic, professional or vocational training in Canada must apply for a study permit at visa offices abroad before arriving in Canada.
Some people may apply at a port of entry if they have a letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution and are

  • nationals or permanent residents of the United States;
  • residents of Greenland or residents of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon; or
  • people whose study permits have been approved in writing by officers outside Canada but to whom the permits have not been issued.

In some cases, foreign nationals, including claimants for refugee protection, may apply for study permits in Canada.

Student Permit Exemptions
Canadian citizens and permanent residents do not need a study permit to study in Canada.
In some cases, foreign nationals do not need a study permit to study in Canada.
A study permit is not required if the course or study program lasts six months or less.
In addition, the following people do not need a study permit:

  • minor children in Canada attending pre-schools, or primary or secondary schools, except for children accompanying parents who are in Canada as visitors;
  • dependants of foreign nationals who are in Canada on diplomatic, consular, official or certain other duties for the United Nations or other intergovernmental bodies of which Canada is a member.

Foreign students must meet certain requirements when applying for study permits. Officers look at many factors before deciding whether an applicant qualifies for a study permit. People wishing to study in Canada must:

  • present a letter of acceptance from the educational institution where they intend to study; and
  • demonstrate that they are able to pay the tuition fees for the course or program of studies that they intend to pursue;
  • financially support themselves and any family members who are with them during their period of study;
  • cover the transportation cost for themselves and any family members to and from Canada; and
  • pass a CIC medical examination, if required.
  • In addition, they must satisfy the officer that
  • they are not inadmissible to Canada; and
  • they will leave Canada at the end of the period that they are allowed to stay.

Student Permit Renewals
Foreign students may renew their study permits. They can apply as early as 90 days before, but no later than 90 days after their permit expires. In addition, they must have observed all the conditions of that permit and not be in breach of the Act.

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